What do I need to bring?

Participants should bring their own writing instruments, and if they wish their own compasses, rulers, protractors, or scratch paper. Calculators are NOT ALLOWED. Email us at info@southbaymt.org for specific questions on allowed untensils.

Are my parents allowed to be in the halls while the competition is running?

During the competition, parents will not be permitted to remain in the tournament facilities.

Where should parents wait after dropping off kids?

Parents may choose to stay at nearby locations such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, or Cupertino Library.

How do I register?

Click here to register on the Sewa website.

How much does the tournament cost?

Early bird registration before September 1 is $15 per child. Prices go up after that to $18. After September 20 we offer limited late registration for $21

How long will the tournament take?

The tournament schedule for the each grade can be found here. We will try our best to adhere to the schedule outlined, however in exceptional cases there may be a slight overrun.

What qualifications should my child have for this tournament?

We strive to make this contest accessible to everyone, regardless of his/her problem solving capabilities. No extra knowledge is expected for mini-events. Your child should just be excited to participate!

Is there food provided at the event?

No, all participants are expected to eat either before or after the tournament.

Are Mini-Events mandatory?

Yes, your child must attend mini-events if he/she wants to receive an awards. You may leave at anytime for emergency reasons, but keep in mind that you may not reenter.

Am I going to have fun?


What should I if my question is not answered here?

Email us at info@southbaymt.org and we'll try to get back to you a soon as possible!