Quality Problems

Our problems are unique and original, ensuring every participant is challenged to think further about what they already know. They are written by our experienced team of staffers, who have qualified for the AIME and JMO several times.


Great Prizes

We have curated a special selection of prizes aimed specifically for our participants. Prizes include AoPS and WolframAlpha prizes, math-related books, and more. Details about prizes are subject to change.


Amazing environment

Participants are surrounded by other participants with a common love of math, in addition to our very own staff! This year, SBMT will be at the Union Church of Cupertino.

We're more than just a contest.

At SBMT, we strive to emphasize that math problems aren't everything there is to the vast world of mathematics, which is why we've included various mini-events that don't focus around just the question, and make students realize other fun applications math has.

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Broad range of topics

We have questions on a wide variety of topics to accommodate participants from different math backgrounds. Our questions and topics are tailored to challenge students to think beyond what they are taught in school.

  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Number Theory
  • Combinatorics

Registration Fees

We plan to use the revenue from to buy AoPS books for selected middle schools in the area. Registration will close once we reach capacity.


Here's what satisfied students and parents have to say about SBMT

I loved SBMT 2018. The problems were challenging and grade-appropriate. The mini-events were really fun and provided a great environment for collaboration and teamwork. The organizers were really helpful and I am looking forward to SBMT 2019 already.

SBMT 2018 Participant

It was very refreshing to see High Schoolers running the show like pros. Each and every organizer/volunteer was 100% committed to make the event seamless. Kudos!!

SBMT 2018 Parent

The event was really well organized. My kid had lots of fun, doing math, playing games and also making friends. Thanks a lot for your hard work!

SBMT 2018 Parent

Fantastic work SBMT Team! From planning, organization to execution, you guys did a great job at SBMT 2018! You will have more challenges next year as many kids who missed out this year will turn up next year! But man, you guys rocked yesterday! You will be fantastic role models for these kids to emulate.

SBMT 2018 Parent

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